2018 Schedule

Please contact instructor BEFORE attending class to confirm availability and status of class.

All classes with * indicate classes that are held by guest instructors and must enroll directly through them.

Schedule 2018


5:30pm Zumba will resume July 16th Natalie


6:00pm level I Guitar Class (Esteban Anastasio) Private lesson also offered



6:30pm Bellydance- Ashley ‭Rose ashleyrosebellydance@gmail.com

7:30pm Level 1 Argentine Tango (Julie Stillman)


7:00pm Salsa level I- Joel & Stephanie

8:00pm Lindy Hop II- Joel & Stephanie


10:45am – Zumba Crystal Markam

6:00pm Argentine Tango Level I (Joel & Stephanie)

7:00pm Lindy Level I (Joel & Stephanie)

8:30pm Beginner Salsa/Bachata Lesson @ Ocho’s 515 Idaho St. $8 lesson and dancing

9:30pm-1am Open Dance Social @ Ocho’s 515 Idaho St.  $5  21+



10am Yoga (Crystal Markam)







12 thoughts on “2018 Schedule

  1. I am looking for a Zumba class where I can bring an elderly lady who is happy to sit and listen to the music while I work out for 45 min to 1 hour once a week during the day. I am over 55 but used to attend Zumba for a year about a year ago. Prefer Gold but willing to try regular. Do you have a class that might work for me?

    • Vickie, Yes! I am starting a 11am Monday 55+ class. Your mother is welcome to come and dance or sit and enjoy. You are welcome to come to any of my classes as I try to accommodate all levels. Feel free to call me if you have any further questions. Where did you attend Zumba last year? -Natalie

    • Vickie! I’m so sorry i didn’t see this message until just today. I would LOVE to have you come to class with your elderly lady friend! Please call or message me back if you have any questions. Again, so sorry for the late response. 208-283-6002. -Natalie Gallegos

  2. Hello…I am looking for someone who can teach myself and my 2 adult sons a funny hip cool dance routine we can perform at my daughter’s wedding…wanna do a medley of like some fun songs like Happy…or…Celebrate…and could still use some help with song selection also…just a 3-4 minute dance routine is all we could probably do, but wonder if you would be interested or if you can refer me to someone who could help us look fantastic at the wedding….really hoping to have it be fun, crazy in a way, but totally cool . I am 65 but pretty limber and my boys are 30 and 33…any help, ideas would be greatly appreciated….Kathy Olson

    • Katie, We will be starting a new Bollywood session on the 20th of this month! The instructor is AMAZING and i’m so excited to have her teach at Carpe Danza! Let me know if you are interested

  3. Okay. My daughter, 15 yrs old, is interested in learning any kind of partner dancing. I see the Teen Social Dance class, but Wednesdays at 4:30 are tricky for her. We may be able to juggle things around. What kind of dances will be taught at the Teen Social Dance class, and will that class be starting next week?

  4. Are private lessons a possibility? My wife has always had an interest with salsa and I would like toearn with her.

    • Patrick, I am so sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Pleas call me if you would like to talk about private lessons! I love helping people connect and learn a new skill together an I would love to help you and your wife! Call me anytime! 9am-8pm

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