Class Descriptions


NRG Dance- Zumba

This is a dance fitness class designed to get you moving and a shaking to the best dance music! Latin, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Swing, Tango, Flamenco & Bellydance! Beginner, Senior and NRG Classes offered! All levels and bodies welcome!

Beginner- Low impact

NRG- High Impact

Senior- 55+

Instructor: Natalie Gallegos 

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This is a great mix of yoga and pilates all in time to the best music to keep us moving!

All levels are welcome!

Instructor: Natalie Gallegos

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Intro to Latin Dance

In this class you will learn the basic footwork to Salsa, Bachata & Cumbia.  You will also learn the importance of connection and leading and following techniques.  No experience neccesary.

Instructors: Natalie & Tomás

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Level 1 Latin Dance Class/Practice

This class is designed for anyone that has passed the introduction class! You will continue to learn new combinations and grow in your leading and following techniques.  1 hour lesson with 1/2 dance practice where we will play various songs and be there to help you more individually.

Instructors:  Natalie & Tomás 

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Deep Dance Experience (DDX)

Follow the leader style dance exercises.
60 minutes of carefully chosen music and songs, this class is more than exercise. Sweat, smile.

Instructor: Kris Duynslager 

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Each week we will cover new movements found in all forms and styles of bellydance but with a focus on traditional Raq Sharqi, or dance of the Middle East & North Africa.
Expect to sweat! Count on having some fun! 🙂
Class will begin each week with an emphasis on posture, a thorough warm up, review of movements, introduction to new movement, followed by drills, combinations & a cool-down.
Basic arm positions & movements will be covered along with basic upper body movement, basic hip movements & shimmies, undulations and footwork.
By the end of the session you will be able to safely perform hip lifts & drops, chest lifts & drops, hip/chest slides & circles, downward & upward figure 8s, basic hip shimmies, undulations and basic footwork patterns.
This class is intended to prepare you to safely layer these foundational movements with other isolations and more advanced techniques. Regular weekly attendance ensures advancement to the next class and is highly encouraged.

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Instructor: Ashley Rose


We will work on basic flamenco movements – body posture (cuerpo), arm and hand movements (braceo & floreo) and footwork (taconeo) AND techniques including rhythmic patterns (compas), hand clapping (palmas) and attitude (aire).

Required attire for class includes:
Ladies – comfortable top, tights or dance pants, a full skirt and heeled shoes (flamenco, character or dress shoe with a strong, wide heel) Gentlemen – comfortable shirt, slacks and heeled shoes or boots.

Instructor: Julianna Thomas & Kirsten Allard

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This class will teach you how to perform Bollywood with Rasaesthetics or rasa yoga, (understanding and expressing human emotions through the body to balance the mind.) Learning the yoga of nine emotions or rasas is therapeutic ad and empowering experience that act as a stimulus in evoking pure enjoyment in understanding the inner self through music and performing arts.

Instructor: Reshmi Mukherjee   To

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Adult Dance Fitness

This is class will get you dancing and sweating those holiday calories right off and leave you smiling and wanting more!

Instructor: Tawnya Halleus

To register contact: 208-871-9129



This is a high energy dance bollywood & bellydance fitness dance class! Bring your water bottle and sweat towel! Get ready to dance your worries away and kick your body into shape!


Instructor: Amber Alexander

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